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New Single "Villain"

Available Everywhere 8.20.21

Birthing his new era with a calm yet fiery tone, intricate wordplay, and striking demeanor, Majori returns as the "Villain." The track is an urban rap song that symbolizes society’s obsession with vilifying the LGBTQ+ community. Majori takes on the role that was assigned to him as a gay African American man in the south- The Villain. Through his rude yet witty punchlines, Majori unapologetically attacks the beat produced by Blanq Beats Productions and recorded at 180 Recording Studios in Texas.

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"Soul" is a motivational anthem designed for those who are determined to accomplish their goals! The upbeat tempo, energetic vocals, and infectious rhythms all work in harmony to provide the listener with the inspiration needed to tackle their day. The new southern rapper Majori is no stranger to adversity being that he is breaking barriers in Hip-hop by introducing a spin on LGBTQ rap. His aggressive flow, witty punchlines, and "get it out the mud" attitude shows Majori's strong-willed "Soul."

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